How to prepare for Fashion Week | Guide

Whether you're a blogger, an exclusive VIP, purchased tickets, or a volunteer, there are definitely a few things to think about before dressing up and heading out to Fashion Week or Fashion Festival events!

1. Camera
If you think you're not going to take photos, you most likely will! It's almost an unavoidable reaction to these events. At some stage, everyone in the room will have their phone in the air during each stunning show, capturing the designers work to post on social media later or to watch.

If you're after clear and crisp images, an iPhone isn't always the best option. Using a camera with manual settings to adjust the aperture and shutter speed is desirable. Lighting for runways isn't always favourable to our phone cameras, adjusting to the different lighting settings for each show will always give you the best shots to work with! If you're looking to take exceptional photographs, applying for media accreditation for the event could score you a spot in the photographers "pit" at the end of the runway!

2. What to wear
Stepping out of the uber dressed head to toe in your favourite outfit can definitely feel like a scene from Sex and the City, or like you're at New York Fashion Week. Having this moment is always a bit of fun.

Purchasing the dress of your dreams isn't always the smartest investment, especially if you're buying a few at once! If you're looking to splurge and treat yo' self for fashion week, I find that spreading my purchases throughout the month beforehand makes a huge difference. This also makes me feel super organised!

Planning outfits before the week is a huge stress reliever. Having your clothes steamed, accessories allocated and shoes prepared makes Fashion Week run a little bit smoother. For MBFWA this year I only packed my Fashion Week outfits and shoes and basics for hanging around the Airbnb.

Not looking at splurging? Hiring a dress for the night is now easier than ever! Rental boutiques are all over Instagram, and some walk in stores are popping up to try the garments before deciding! This year, Maddi from Last minute Apparel has lent me two gorgeous dresses from her extensive collection. I also wore LMA last year in this post. Hiring allows you to wear that dress you've been eyeing off - without the commitment.

One thing I really love about hiring is that you can step outside of your comfort zone, wear something you wouldn't see yourself purchasing and experiment with your personal style. You can definitely do this without hiring - Fashion Week is always a fantastic time to experiment! There are so many inspirational outfits swirling around at events, it's hard not to go a little bit crazy at times.

Examining current trends and applying them to your looks for the week can complete an outfit, develop an existing trend, or it can even get you papped by the Fashion Week photographers!

3. Whats in your bag
A few things I always back for Fashion Week are:
Camera Memory cards
Purse and spending money - Cabs, food etc
Portable phone charger and cord
Travel- size perfume, makeup and mirror for touch ups
Chewing gum/mints
Notebook and pen if you're writing about the show later, taking notes helps a lot! Some writers will take small laptops.
Organiser - If you're super busy! I always have my organiser sorted with the weeks events but I don't take it to me with shows. 

4. Makeup 
Similar to risky styling for the week, it's a great excuse to mix up your makeup looks and try out something complimentary of the designers runway style - Or something completely new for you!
I normally wear bronze and brown matte eyeshadow, this Fashion Festival I'm working with plum undertones and testing it out with my looks! 

Natural or dewy look is beautiful on and off the runway. It can be the perfect match for an experimental outfit. 

5. Accessories
I always wish I had a Mary Poppins bags around this time of the year. Cameras, purses, and perfume take up so much room! I'm always left searching the bottom of my bag for my event ticket. 

Taking a smaller bag or a clutch is easier to handle and it prevents you from taking anything excessive! I wear my camera over my shoulder by its neck strap, probably not a great look but it's what I found works for me. 

An essential accessory for Fashion week is definitely a smartphone for Snapchat and Instagram updates from your favourite bloggers and celebrities, and so you can update too! 
The winning girl from the Bachelor this year was at the Manning Cartell show I attended last night, I didn't even know until I had left and checked Instagram! 

Enjoy and embrace the craziness and the excitement of Fashion Week, immerse yourself in the atmosphere and support the designers!

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  1. Very detailed blog post, I love it and will use your tips for SAFW!

    Megan -

    1. Thanks Megan! Hope you enjoy SAFW! X

  2. I wish I would have saw this before I went! lol I didn't have a portable charger and almost cried. Next year I'm going to be ready. Thank you for the tips!

    1. I swear my portable charger saved my life! I wear a watch now just in case, but definitely invest in a charger - you wont regret it! X